We Share A Dream

We help first-time homebuyers achieve their dream of homeownership by providing financial counseling, homebuyer education, and down payment and closing cost assistance.

Courses We Offer

Buying a home is an enormous financial responsibility, one that requires planning and coordination prior to purchase. We encourage anyone interested in buying their first home to attend homebuyer counseling and education courses to gain a better understanding of the home buying process, from budgeting and financing to selection and maintenance.


Pre-Purchase Counseling

Assists with resolution to barriers of homeownership through one-on-one counseling. This includes a complete evaluation of your financial status and readiness for homeownership.


Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops

Pre-purchase education provides general information about the home buying process to a group of potential homebuyers, in a classroom setting. This includes — but is not limited to — information on down-payment assistance programs, closing costs, home inspections, credit readiness and various financing options.


Financial Management/Budget Counseling

This program allows for you to develop an individualized financial management plan to responsibly handle debt and to resolve adverse reports to your credit. The number of counseling sessions will be dependent on your individualized plan.


Financial, Budgeting and Credit Workshops

Financial, Budgeting and Credit Workshops provide general information about budgeting tools, credit reports, factors that impact credit scores and various financial resources.


Rental Housing Counseling

Assists with determining what is best for your housing needs and your financial status. If a determination that rental is the best housing option, rental counseling will assist in the understanding of lease provisions, housing quality standards, and various landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities.


Clients are not obligated to receive any additional services offered by this agency or its exclusive partners to receive housing counseling.

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